About Us

Reef Pure RO Systems is Australia’s first and only RO/DI system store that specialises in RO/DI systems built solely for the marine aquarium hobbyist. Our products are built by reefers, for reefers. We know that there are so many other options out there and it can be confusing. Sure, a lot of the systems out there claim to produce great tasting drinking water but just because it is drinkable, it doesn’t make it reef safe.

With 15+ years of experience in the reef aquarium hobby, we understand just how pure your water needs to be. Whether you mix your own seawater or use natural seawater and need to top off with RO/DI water, the purest water is the foundation of your aquarium’s success.

You wouldn’t risk using contaminated seawater or a bad salt mix, so why risk using questionable RO/DI water? If you are not producing the water yourself, you can’t be sure it’s perfect.

We understand how sensitive the animals within our reef aquariums can be to the slightest elevation in heavy metals. We know just how quickly nutrients can build-up, allowing phosphate fuelled algae to take over a reef aquarium and choke out your prized corals. So, we have made sure that our systems will produce water that removes all that risk.

At Reef Pure RO Systems, we have done all the researching for you. We have built systems that we know will give you the results your aquarium needs. Purpose-built for reef aquarium hobbyists to produce reef grade RO/DI water and not great tasting drinking water.