200-400GPD Membrane Flush Valve Upgrade Kit

This kit will help to significantly increase the usable life of your RO membrane and ensure that it is always working optimally.

Over time, deposits become lodged in the RO membrane and if these deposits are not flushed from the membrane, they will reduce the RO membrane’s overall life and performance.

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This Membrane Flush Valve Upgrade Kit is compatible with all Reef Pure RO/DI Systems which utilise 200 gallon per day reverse osmosis membrane(s).



The 200-400GPD Membrane Flush Valve Upgrade Kit consists of a flush/flow restrictor valve which temporarily increases the flow to the membrane by bypassing the flow restrictor when the valve is opened.

The temporarily increased water pressure running through the membrane works by flushing deposits from the membrane as it passes through, significantly increasing the usable life of the RO membrane.

We recommend flushing your system’s membrane before and after each use for a minute.

It can be fully installed in under 5mins and will add enormous value to the system.



When the handle on the valve is “in line” the valve is bypassing the flow restrictor and is in “flush mode,” if the handle is perpendicular to the valve, then the unit is ready for normal use.

This upgrade kit is to suit single and dual 200GPD membrane systems.


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