80GPD Dual Membrane Upgrade Kit

This kit contains everything you need to upgrade your dual membrane RO/DI system to 80GPD (gallon per day) RO membranes.

Included are two high-quality thin film composite (TFC) membranes, as well as the matched flow restrictor, to ensure proper membrane performance and contaminant rejection.

Installation is as simple as replacing your existing flow restrictor with the included one and swapping out the membranes.


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At the heart of any RO/DI system is the reverse osmosis membrane which is responsible for removing >99% of the impurities from your source tap water. It is also the component which controls the rate at which the system is able to produce water often expressed as US Gallons Per Day (GPD).

Replacing the RO membrane with a higher capacity membrane is often the easiest way to increase your water production. However, it is not as simple as just swapping out the RO membrane itself. A replacement wastewater flow restrictor is also required to ensure the correct balance and ratio of filtered water to wastewater produced.

This kit contains two 80GPD high-quality thin film composite (TFC) membranes and matched 400mL flow restrictor, which is everything you need to complete the upgrade.

PLEASE NOTE: For single membrane systems such as the Reef Pure RO Systems Essentials and Essentials+ lines, a single Membrane Upgrade Kit is required.

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