Auto Shut-Off Float Valve Upgrade Kit

Auto shut off valves will allow your RO system to automatically turn on and off based on the activation of a float valve and are ideal for an auto top-off solution. Auto shut off valves do require a minimum of 40 PSI to operate correctly and can be installed on any style of reverse osmosis system that uses 1/4″ tubing.

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1/4" RO Automatic Shut-Off Valve

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1/4" Float Valve

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1/4” Tubing - 1 Meter - White

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1/8" x 1/4“ 90° Check Valve

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Additional Check Valve

For all dual membrane RODI systems such as the Premium and Expert models, this is required in order for the auto shut-off kit to function properly.

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The Auto Shut-Off Float Valve Upgrade Kit comes with everything you need to allow your RO/DI system to be used be to automatically top off your aquarium or RO reservoir. By utilising a 1/4″ RO Automatic Shut-Off Valve, back pressure created by the float valve shuts off the water supply to the RO membrane, preventing wastewater from continuing to run after the float valve is activated.

The Auto Shut-Off Float Valve Upgrade Kit Includes:



  • If you are using a dual RO membrane system such as one of the Reef Pure Premium or Expert RODI systems you will need to purchase an additional 1/8″ x 1/4“ 90° Check Valve for the second membrane.
  • To operate correctly, the 1/4″ RO Automatic Shut-Off Valve requires a minimum feed-in water pressure of 40 PSI.
  • This upgrade kit is NOT compatible with Boosted RO/DI Systems.

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