Resin Saver Upgrade Kit

Eliminate the effects that TDS Creep has on your DI resin and save on your DI resin replacement costs.

This upgrade allows you to divert the initial, high TDS water produced by your RO/DI system to your waste water line, rather than the DI resin. Once your TDS monitor displays your normal, operating TDS (usually <10ppm), you can divert the product water back through your DI stage.

Doing so will save your DI resin from having to absorb this high TDS, which will result in a dramatic increase in the life of your DI resin and will heavily reduce your replacement costs.

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3 Way 1/4" Quick Connect Ball Valve

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1/4” Tube Splitter

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1/4” Tubing - 1 Metre - Red

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TDS creep is a term used to describe the normal process which occurs when your RO/DI system is turned off. When the system is not running, the rejected high TDS water surrounding the outer core of your RO membrane equalises with the ultrapure water inside the membrane’s inner core, raising the TDS to levels that are usually above 80 ppm in TDS. When the system is then turned on, this high TDS water floods your DI resin, shortening its life unnecessarily.

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