PurePro HF-8367 RO Booster Pump

All RO membranes have an optimal minimum operating pressure. The PurePro RO membranes used in all Reef Pure RO Systems have an optimal minimum operating pressure of 50psi.

The system will operate below 50psi, however, the performance of your RO membrane will not be optimal. Your system will produce more wastewater and will also result in a higher TDS reading of your RO production water. This is due to a reduced salt rejection from your RO membrane. A higher TDS reading will also deplete your DI resin much quicker than a system producing low TDS water.

The great news is that it is simple to get your system running at the optimal pressure with one of our PurePro HF-8367 RO Booster Pump and will save you a small fortune in DI resin replacement costs.

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PurePro HF-8367 RO Booster Pump Features:

  • ¼” Jayco fittings for a more permanent and secure connection
  • Included base plate for simple installation
  • Base plate design which significantly dampens vibrations and reduces noise
  • Includes an Australian compliant transformer

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  • Significant improvement in wastewater ratio
  • Faster production of 0 TDS reef grade RO/DI water
  • Optimal membrane rejection performance of >98%
  • Savings in DI resin due to lower TDS output from your RO membrane



The PurePro HF-8367 RO Booster Pump does require a minimum operating pressure of 20 psi. Running the booster pump below the minimum 20 psi feed pressure will cause poor performance and possibly damage the unit.

The HF-8367 Booster Pump is designed to supply a maximum membrane size of 100GPD.


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Dimensions17.5 × 16 × 11 cm


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